Listen me Before : The frog sound nearly my room in center garden....If you need to OFF frog sound , Please click at the neck of small frog J.Nut Say..... My name J.Nut, electronic engineering from Thailand. my friend call me "j.nut",

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Dear All  I am J. Nut. Welcome to my website. This is a perfect place for all the engineers and developers, engaged in software and hardware development, to join. Friends, you may download as much information as you could from this web site and it’s all free of charge. Through this portal I would like to share my knowledge that I have gained so far from my experience. I am a Thai citizen and I love my country very much.  I have many things to share with you and with all my friends, globally. On my website, along with technical information you would find information about Thai cultures, places, Thai cuisines and much more.

I will always try to make your visit to my website a memorable experience. Many times, when I talk to my friends from overseas, they say "J. Nut, you are fall behind"(behind the mountain),"kidding" (Because I was not having a website. But today I have one for my own and I am no longer behind the mountain) "55555+"

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting my website. All your suggestions even English corrections are welcomed as English is not my first language. My blog click to see my photo

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my project , I know, The information not enough , as soon as posible update

MP3 SD/MMC + USB Flash Drive, Base on ATMEGA64L/128L,

Support FAT16/FAT type




MP3 Player base on ATMEGA32, SD/MMC




Nokia LCD "5110" and "3110" model
S65 Color LCD from siemense
C328 Camera + SD/MMC
PIC18F2620 Board
PIC18F4550 Board
Noritake VFD
SD/MMC Data logger base on ARM LPC2148

GPS Navman + Bluetooth ESD02

USB MP3 Base on LPC2148

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WARA PCB thailab SE-ED Thai Easy elec M108 SILA Natapong
Phapas adisak51
Programmer Kit            



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