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            Usually I contact to my oversea friend with mail and MSN. They are from Germany, Spain, England, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. And sometime, I visitd to them, we exchange our idea and we even have the forum for electronics software and hardware discussion.

            I am really interested in new electronic component; I use to study it when I have it from my friends. To make it practical, I study it and come out the prototype board. From here I learn a lot… especially the technology at the edge, really attractive to me.

            Until now I have made many projects, also involve in writing article for Thai journal book. Having the clear vision, I enjoy a lot to share my knowledge, some time even feel the responsibility to share my experience to people whom like in electronic. Anyway, the source code and circuit that I have mainly is for beginner, I hope they will get more far with this basic knowledge. I don’t think it is so difficult to study, May be take time too long for study. But I think after you progress, you might just say “it easy 5555+”

            I made my first article 4 years ago; it is about smart card application. In 1995, I ever lived in Finland to study and trained for smart card. At that time it was the very hot project as human start notice that how wide the usage of smart card.

At last, I would like to remind that this wed is just to share what I learned, it is no warranty that 100% perfect and it is not encouraged used for commercial purpose. You may distribute it or modify it. If you see any bugs with my code or have better idea to improve, please feed back to me as I am always looking for positive suggestion.

            Below is the list for the article that I wrote in se-ed, I am able to describe in detail at here as it might cost me the very long page… you can get into www.se-ed.com for the full version. it is the quite complete online bookstore for learner. I can't describe too “PDF” file or copy some page and details as I can’t familiar with se-ed


October Smart card work shop (Basic Smart card) 240

Smart card work shop (Basic interface)

EBG Smart card work shop (memory card Interface) 242
December Smart card work shop (basic application) 243



Finger Print Security module

Febuary Smart card work shop (Basic Microprocessor card) 245

Smart card work shop (Security on Smart card)

  FDA01 Fingerprint Application 246
April   247
May Proximity Card (RF Card) 248
  Basic GPS 248

Smart card work shop (SLE4436 Debit card)

***** Special 250
July   251
August Smart card payment (Vending Machine) 252
  Module GPS (NMEA) 252
September Smart card work shop (Overview Security Smart card) 253
October   254

GPS on Map



December   257


January GPS Application note (on the car) 258
Febuary   259
March   260
April Application note fingerprint on car 261
May   262
June Wireless RF Module (433 Laipac) 263
July Banknote validate 264
  MXD2125 (G-Sensor) 264
August SMS Alert 265
September Power amp 20 * 4 (digital control) 266
October   267
November Recycle IDE CD-ROM Audio CD Player 269
  Type of Bar code 269
December MXD2125 Application note 270


January IDE CD-ROM Audio CD Player 271
Febuary   272
March   273
April   274
May   275
June   276
July Tube Amplifier EL34/6CA7 277
August Security Alert by SMS Version 2 278
September TA8210 Low price Amplifier 279
October - 280
(EBG) MP3 Version 1 Base on PIC18F458 281
November Bluetooth Technology 282
December Bluetooth Application note 283


January - 284
Febuary MP3 Version 2 base ATMEGA32L (SD/MMC) 285
March   286
April Mp3 Version 3 IDE CD-ROM MP3 Player 287
May USB 18F4550 288
June Lab Education for PIC16F876 289
July Lab Education for ATMEGA8 290
  Mp3 Version 4 IDE HDD MP3 Player 290
Aug SD/MMC interface with PIC Part 3 291


March wirlees Zig Bee (Temperature Meter) 299
special Bluetooth GPS 300
special ARM LPC2148 + CH375 USB MP3 300
April   301
May Graphic LCD 128 *64 + PIC18Fxxxx 302
June SD/MMC GPS Data Logger + Graphic LCD 128*64 303
Junly C328 c-mos Cameara + SD MMC 304
Aug LCD Siemense S65 + RTC DS1302 305

For This year 2008... so busy and have to work,,, (no article)


January Timmer 8 channel 325
Febuary JX-MEGA128 lab from www.inex.co.th 326
March USB+ SD MMC MP3 Player 327
  - 328
April AR101 FM Radio 329
May 4.3 '' Touch Screen 330
June Study Attiny25 331
July Application note Timmer 332
Aug - Atmega8 MP3 333
  -SD/MMC Part I "How to interface" 333
Sep   334
October   335,336
November STM32 Micro Controller 32 Bit (How to begin?) 337
December Sim300 + GPS + Data logger 338


January How to Interface SD/MMC ? 339
Febuary TFT 320*240 340
March PIC18F458 "MP3 Help Care" 341
  ATMEGA128 SD/MMC Data Logger 341
April upload files server by FTP 343
May DVD/CD-ROM Audio CD player 344
June ECU interface with ATMEGA8 345
July 12864 OLED 346
Aug Battery Charger 347
September Remoter Decoder 348
October Humidity & Temperature Data Logger 349
November   350,351
December   352


January Alarm Clock with MP3 Player 353
Febuary   354
March SLE4428 Reader 355
  OBD II Version 2 Can Bus interface 356
April TRW2.4G 357
May RGB Dot Matrix 358
  PS2 KeyBoard Decoder 358
June Programmer ATMEGA 359








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