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                  In my experience, I use Zilog Z80, MCS51, PIC and new one AVR. AVR is the best one to use. Inside AVR support to all devices (equipment) example: A/D, PWM, EEPROM and SPI in circuit programming. Now I available for hobby project base on AVR. For first mp3 player (see mp3 page, this are mp3 version2), I try to study another technology for more practical experience.



                   The picture is my ATMEGA8 education board. It is the basic for beginner. On board embedded with all devices like A/D, Temperature sensor, Bottom Switch, LCD 16 Char 2 Lines, Serial RS232, SPI MMC/SD Socket etc. step by step to learn. First one just to know about how to set input/output port, please see blink led function, an next step, try to display text on LCD, an try to get A/D and more. Try to connect to RS232. (Step by step)

                   For SPI MMC/SD just to get more detail from website or another document, the website www.sandisk.com have many info for memory card, may be it is some difficulties for first time learn. The MMC/SD is new media, SPI protocol. For first step, just to reset card and get more detail from card (Card name and capacity). After progress it will be make some more like read fat file and read name of file… read / write/ delete / update file. If you need my help, please let me know, don’t worry, free no charge.

My Hardware


  • 1 LCD 16 Char 2 Line Hitachi HD44780 chip set
  • 1 serial RS232 communication
  • 1 wire DS1820 Temperature sensor
  • 1 A/D Port , 2 Bottom Switch, 1 LED
  • SD/MMC Socket SPI interface
  • In Circuit programming


                 The example code is written by WinAVRGCC release version 20060125. If you need to change compile with AVR Studio 4.0, it can do so, I already tested with AVR Studio, but something wrong with some configuration. If you have some question where for change, Please let me know. For The hardware circuit programming, I believe you can make with yourself or refer to http://www.lancos.com/prog.html to get more detail.



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