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Link to page SD/MMC by J.nut and Link to Timmer

Update My protel Lib ,,, use for protel99SEprotel LIB And STM32 LIB protel STM32 LIB Last update Nov 10,2010

Jan 12,2012 8x8x8 Cube LED


Dec 17,2011 ATEMGA32 Web server


Nov 15,2011 AVR FFT Finsh


Aug 14,2011 Timer (New Version) http://www.jnutthailand.com/timmer.html

Aug 10,2011 CG-Ram on LCD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ot4OEqZwlc , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XncbJjwM-Ag&NR=1

Aug 4,2011 Seven Segment 4 Digit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4NuWerNTUk

Sep 18,2011 Big Seven Segment http://www.jnutthailand.com/seven.html

Aug 26,2011 If you would like to know about your "GIG", Where is him? Easy for find



Aug 20,2011 PIC18F4550 + USB 2.0



July 22,2011 Fujitsu Thermal Printer FPT-627DSL

June 9,2011 MJRF24J Wirless

 June 4,2011 Easy For Thermal Printer

Link Thermal Printer

Jnue 2,2011 ATMEGA32 AVR Programmer without Computer

Link http://www.jnutthailand.com/avrprog.html

May 29, 2011 STM32 - AVR Programmer without Computer

Click for View

my Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcLP1hNxWAU

April 15,2011 (TRI LED DOT MAXTRIX)

April 1, 2011 (ATMEGA128 + PS2 KEY BOARD Turn on/off LED indicator) and Finish with Thai charactor

dowload (without lcd) Code video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D100f64hiFI

infor: Connet CLK - PD0 and DATA - PD1 connect uart0 (9600,n,8,1)

 March 13,2011 LPC1768 + FFT (Begin)



Jan 17,2011 ATMEGA128 Graphic LCD 240128

Jan 17,2011 ATMEGA128 + Smart card SLE4442 and SLE4428

Dec 4,2010 ATMEGA128 + DS1307 Alarm Clock


Oct 26,2010 make some application with TFT Touch Screen,

Oct 2,2010 I don't know about my project , But I know it are ATMEGA128 Data Logger

Sample Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGfmcGF4Kfg

Sep 25,2010 Free For ALL (Style J.nut) Blue 7 Segment 4 Digit

Download file sch + PCB (Commond Anode) Download

Sep 25,2010 ATMEGA8 OBDII Version 2 Support Protocol KWP2000, ISO9141 , CAN BUS (MCP2551 Driver)

Sep 20,2010 ATMEGA32 SHT15 Humidity Data logger

Sep 15 ATMEGA8 Remote Reader

Sep 5,2010 ATMEGA128 + Touch Screen + RTC1307


July 8,2010 Digital Control Battery Charger 12V 7A , 12V 1300mA and any type



June 23,2010 GSM Module "SAGEM"


June 13,2010 ATMEGA32L + OLED 12864


Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fttYzK7PYmM

May 27,2010 upgrade ATMEGA8 MP3 Support SDHC


May 17,2010 Finish OBD II (ISO9141/ISO14230KWP2000)


April 20,2010 ATMEGA32 + DVD-ROM Drive Audio CD-Player


March 05,2010 Interface C328 Camera Module ,Take photo write to SD/MMC and Transfer to server by SIM300 GSM Module

Example picture from C328 click link for view

http://www.jnutthailand.com/thinkpad/C328/IMG003.JPG and http://www.jnutthailand.com/thinkpad/C328/IMG004.JPG

March 03,2009 LCD Application base on AVR Click Link http://www.jnutthailand.com/hobby/violetpcb.html

Finish Good Simple Data Logger for Temperature and Support SDHC


Feb 02,2009 "Vibration Sensor" and plot to LCD and Write to SD/MMC Data logger Every one Secound.


Jan 06,2009 TFT Simple test



Jan 02,2009 ATMEGA32 DTMF


Dec 30,2009 MP3 Player + Key Board youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb9kby_YmPQ


Dec 29,2009 SD/MMC Board

Download File PCB (Note Open with Protel99SE or higher )

Dec 29,2009 ATMEGA128MP3

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX6oEeQEpcQ

Dec 29,2009 PIC18F458 MP3

Source Code and File PCB Yourube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlwWbLQO1xk

Nov 20,2009 STM32 + S65 LCD Display

Download Source Code

Nov 7,2009 Security Alert by GSM http://www.jnutthailand.com/gsm.html

Nov 3,2009 GPS offline link http://www.jnutthailand.com/gpsoffline.html

Oct 27,2009 VFD from Noritake GU-12864 -800A

Source Code

Oct 25,2009 LCD12864 Slide Bar Menu

Source Code

Oct 24,2009 OLED Menu Slide Bar Menu








Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIdtTREstjU download code Source code


Oct 22,2009 OLED

OLED from http://www.bolymin.com.tw

My code






Oct 16,2009 STM32 GLCD12864

Source Code protel STM32 LIB

Oct 9,2009 Basic touch screen on/off anything


Oct 7,2009 GPS Data logger + SDMMC

Source Code

Font for LCD http://www.jnutthailand.com/ETODAY/12864/newfont_1.rar

GPS Display http://www.jnutthailand.com/ETODAY/12864/LCD12864V6.rar

File PCB http://www.jnutthailand.com/ETODAY/12864/G12864.rar

Sep 17,2009 STM32 Simple interface USB (HID)


Sep 4,2009 My Book "FAT base on SD/MMC" Avariable.

Sep 3,2009 Free Code Camera C328 + SD MMC on Aricle book Semiconductor 304

Dowload source code

Aug 12,2009 STM32 Decode BMP and JPEG Display to LCD TFT


July 27,2009 STM32 + TFT Touchscreen


July 22,2009 STM32 +MP3 Player + Support SDHC link to video http://jnutthailand.com/mp3.html

I have 2 type from http://www.ett.co.th and http://www.inex.co.th



July 16,2009 ATMEGA32L + G5110 +VS1002D MP3 Supply long File name and SDHC


Jnly 9,2009 Beginer for FAT Base on SD/MMC Link

June 11,2009 LCD PSP interface with AVR ATMEGA128


June 10,2009 Timmer anything By J.nut

source http://www.jnutthailand.com/download/codeboom.rar  

June 1,2009 Matrix 5*7



May 5,2009 ATtiny25 + ADC + 3 Bit LCD (HC595),,,


April 29,2009 MAMEGA8 + MP3 SD/MMC Final PCB

Download File PCB here http://www.jnutthailand.com/download/mega8mp3.rar

April 23,2009 ATMEGA128 + VFD Graphic LCD Logicanlyzier






April 19,2009 ATMEGA32 + IDE CDROM Drive Play Audio CD + Color LCD + Remote

link http://www.jnutthailand.com/idecdrom.html

April 16,2009 (Graphic LCD 12864 + Timmer)


April 16,2009 Graphic LCD 12864 and OLED 12864


Update April 7,2009 ATMEGA8 SD/MMC MP3


Upate April 5,2009 Touch screen


and link to some picture http://www.jnutthailand.com/touchjnut.html 

Updata March 27,2009,, Touch screen from ThaiEasy http://www.thaieasyelec.com




Update March 20,2009 PIC18F2550 + Key Swicth



Update March 14,2009 FM + Color LCD



Update March 3,2009 "FM Receiver Module AR1000", The code not complete ,,, as soon as posible update



Update Feb 20,200 9 Easy 168 + MP3 Player Low cost



FEb 19,2009 Begin MP3 wirh CF card ,,,,



Feb 19,2009 Reduce ATMEGA8 +VS1002D + SD/MMC (FAT16/32) Support Directory Folder, Operate by Battery 3 Volt

Low Cost and Low Power. 3 Molde for play (Repeat One , Repeat all and Random Play)


Update Feb 16,2009 GM/GR47 GSM modem,,,,,,,,(no application now)

GSM module from sony erricson,,, Now I no idea for any application

with GSM








Update Feb 15,2009 JX-MEGA128 + FIM01 Finger Print (Application Access Control)












for my idea, if you need to access your car or your room with your finger.

wow....very nice

Update Feb 11, 2009 Touch screen TFT 320 * 240 + LPC2376x

Product of my friend www.icdev.com.cn

I think very nice..







Feb 7,2009 Split SD/MMC

Today, I am split SD/MMC... Oh,,,, nice to looking

Feb 4,2009 JX-MEGA128 + SD Expand

Example 1 for init_SD/MMC and get capacity of card

Download code for study here







Feb 3,2009 SD/MMC Expand to ALL


This board are SD/MMC Slot ,, I am provide

with mcu all Type, Many many time,

You need to study interface SD/MMC

with microcontroller. I think you

have big problem with MCU 5 Volt.

Because SD/MMC only use 3.3 Volt


For my design, Can be use with microcontroller all type i mean 5 volt and 3.3 volt. for 3.3 it no problem. But some

time you need to interface with 5 volt, Just to decreate level voltagte from 5 volt to 3.3 volt.On circuit I have chip

74LVC245for decrease voltage.I am share for all. please load my circuit and make pcb with your self or send to

pcb shop. "My files could you please open by protel99SE or higher tools" .

Feb 3,2009 SD/MMC + GPS + Bluetooth + SMS all in one for security on your car

Now, If you need to find some application for protect your car. Many many time,, after your car parking any where,

WOW ,,, You have to be apprehensive. For my idea,, May be help you. For My application are GPS Data logger

via SD/MMC and check status your car. if youcard have alert. it will be send message via GSM module to your

mobile.And On PCB you can put Bluetooth Device for connect to map on your PDA or your mobile.....i think very

nice for you (sorry as soon as posible update more)

Feb 3,2009 USB/MMC MP3 Player














January 27, 2009

Update source code Article January 2009,

"Timmer 8 channel"

link to web timmer



Happy new year,, No update ,,,,











Update Dec 26,2008 MP3 (USB or SD/MMC) I have 2 choice for play,, you can play by USB Drive or SD/MMC











Update Dec 25,2008 MP3 Media (SD/MMC, USB Drive)

Code not finish now

see Video









Update Dec 23,2008 OLED from (ES http://www.es.co.th from thailand and http://www.bolymin.com.tw)

For This OLED it perfect good . if you need to interface with ARM

it OK. But for other MCU, just to use VCC at 3.3 Volt

Download source code for test code

For This OLED can be adjust contrast by softwar 256 step





Update Dec 21,2008 look at for Thai language Click

Procedure below are how to make the library file that protected your sourcecode.

For example, I would like to convert the lcd.c function to lcd.lib file for using with the INEX's JX-Mega128 board.
Example Here (link to "Full Code.rar") is a complete lcd.c source code.full code download for compare St1 and St2

St1. You can make the target library which protected your sorucecode. Any programmer can use your library full

features but do not know your sourcecode.This method is called "Making library file". Normally the makefile

method will create the result file as .hex or .bin for downlaoding to MCU. But with same method you can create

the .LIB file. Please see the example code here. lib

# Target
TRG = lcdlib <---- create lib file name here (1)

# C-source files
LIBSRC = lcd.c add any files here xxx.c yyy.c (2)

all: $(TRG).lib <---- Target Output (3)


lcd.o : lcd.c lcd.h makefile (4)

you can add more files here

xxx.o xxx.c xxx.h makefile

yyy.o yyy.c yyy.h makefile

St2.Create your main sourcecode following the example file below. You can add your .lib file into the main code.
In this example you add the lcdlib.lib into the main code.code With this method above you an make the C file and

use your library without distribution your library soucecode. Anybody will see the .lib file but do not know your .c

or .h sourcecode.

# Target
TRG = main <--- Output for copy to flash MCU Output = main.hex (1)

# C-source files
SRC = serial.c printf.c $(TRG).c <---- Add any files here jnut.c inex.c (2)

# Libraries
LIB = lcdlib.lib <--- call Lib from step here (3)

#this defines the aims of the make process
all: $(TRG).elf $(TRG).hex
<---- Target Output (4)

Thai language Click for look at more detail

With all step above, you can protect your library code and make any custom library for the special one or commercial.

Update Dec 21,2008 ATMEGA8 + RPM Meter. edit from JX-MEGA128. But I use ATMEGA8 + Crystal 8 MHz .PIN PB0 (ICP )code


Update Dec 21,2008 JX-MEGA128 + Frequency meter mode ICP capture ,The rang about 1 Hz - 300 KHz ,(jnut test)


download code here . and conect signal from

signal generature (square ware < 5 volt) to PD4,

(ICP1)if you have some advise or any question,,

could you plese send your question to my email

See Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GidvZZX3F20

(The Soundtrack is the Bird in my garden) and



Update 20,2008 . Interface JX-128 from inex + Servo motor. The Example is servo turn Left and Turn Right .Download

if yo need to test, connect Gnd,VCC supply 5 Volt to

Servo motor, For Signal Control connect to PB5,

(PWM5) Turn left and if you need to test for turn right,,,

Connect to PB6 (PWM4)




Update 19,2008 ,"How to make thai font on LCD..". I use tool from excel, If you need to know "How to make" open excel file and see

my idea , Sheet 1 mark dot, Sheet 2 check bit and sheet 3 gen code. download my file files

Update 18,2008 (Today My Birthday) The Application are serial Port Communication between host and other

After already to download, if The application can't operate... please download file framwork.net. This application

writed by VC#2005, Donwload exe for test.download











Update Dec 17,2008 Read DIP-Switch 8 with 74LS165 Download Code Download

Update Dec 17,2008 Remote Control Decode (Sony - TV) with ATMEGA Download code here download









Uodate Dec 17,2008 MAX7219 + Maxtrix LED 5*7 with ATMEGA128











Download code here Download Code, and I you need to know about, "How to make image & font with tools on excel microsoft office.. Please see my example

on excel Excel File i use 3 function on exel Step1 = if(cell = "x", 1,0) and Step 2 concatenate(cell), Step 3 Function BIN2HEX(cell), if you have any

question, please send your question to my email

Update Dec 17,2008 LCD From Nokia 5110&3110 + ATMEGA128. DownLoad Code hereDownload

And If you need to order LCD ,, visite to







Update Dec 13, 2007

Menu slide Bar on S65 + ATMEGA128, My Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl7gq08cfu4









Update Dec 12,2007 ATMEGA128 + S65 (Color LCD from siemense) , Download Code here Download










Update Dec 12,2008 GPS + COLOR LCD + ATMEGA128 , download Code here













Update Dec 12,2008 GPS + ATMEGA12 .Simple for Get $GPRMC Download









Update 11,2008, Color LCD + ATMEGA128 Interface Color LCD 6610, Download

Update Dec 9,2008vATMEGA128 + LCD 12864 Oscillsope, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOS20AlvdMw









Update Dec 8,2008 .Intergace 7 Segment with AVR, using timmer for scan .download code here









Update Nov 30,2008.interface HD44870 + 74HC595 + AVR using 3 Bit.Download code here Source code















Update Nov 27,2008 JX-ATMEGA128 from www.inex.co.th, Interface graphic LCD 128*64, thr application are slide bar menu, as soon as posible update source code , see in youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOYvOhYyKBs








Today Nov 20,2008Education Board for Atmel ATMEGA8,,, as soon as posible update full project

And if you need to test,,, Download my code for test Download











Tools from www.inex.co.th it are PX-4000.











.Now I have board is product from inex model JX-MEGA128, if you need to order please to them. The Board it very simple to study. ATMEGA128 on Board expantion IO interface 50 port. include Charactor LCD 16*2 HD44870 chipset. if you need to see data sheet please download from website








On board builtin standard LCD 16*2 standard. But on Board, can't use lcd Blacklight, I put resistor 10 Ohm 1/4 walt and wireing vcc to LCD Blacklight. if you need to change please see on picture










Update November 1,2008 .On Board configure the Port A as PA0... PA7 connect to line D0-D7 of LCD and Port D as PD5(EN). PD6(RW).PD7(RS), The board have 2 choie interface 2 mode (4 bit and 8 bit) interface The example code i have 2 zip for test. LCD 4 Bit interface 4Bit download and LCD 8 Bit interface8Bit Download









Example 2 : connect to DS1820 Display Temperature ,Download source code for study source DS1820 The port PB7 Connect to 1 wire interface DS1820. For 1 Wire Pin just to pull up resistor 4.7 K Ohm to VCC








Example 3 : connect to key Board 4*4 . The IO Port Connect to Port C and PC0, PC1, PC2, PC3 as colume just to pull up Resistor 10 K Ohm to VCC and PC4,PC5,PC6,PC7 as row scan. testing reading the state of key and display the result to lcd, code








Example 4 : Now I have tools for lcd,,, you can copy my function to your project

function 1 : The Function for Display, you have 3 choice to display, Display Left, right hand or center on lcd.

function 2: if you need to define some symbol on lcd ,,, I have example for you, Code Code









ฺButifull ProtoBoard , If you need to buy, could you please contact to www.warf.com












Sorry, My english not strong....


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