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              This page is my mp3 article. I add all versions (PIC, AVR, CD-ROM, Hard-Drive, SD/MMC) and the first version based on PIC18F458 and MMC/SD Support only FAT32. It interfaces with mmc/sd to read mpeg stream and send it to decoder chip, For VS1xxx are decoder chip stream mpeg3, it is the very convenience to use. If you need to know about more, can download the information from this page.

              For the decoder chip, I use VS1xxx,that is the technology developed from www.vlsi.fi, please visit the website to get more info. There are more in there. (Circuit, sample code, and more documents) For Thailand , if you need to order decoder VS10xx chip please contact to www.inex.co.th

  • First version. Micro chip based on PIC18F
    • Main component:
      • PIC18F458 20MHz
      • Connect to MMC/SD Media card support FAT32 Only
      • Display on LCD16*2 Compatible standard Hitachi HD44780
      • Chip decoder VS1001K or VS1011B support
  • Due to the first version CPU speed not fast enough to read stream mpeg file from media and send to decoder chip, I come out the second version, I change to the chip to AVR base in order to overcome the low speed in first version. AVR only need 1 cycle clock to execute one instruction which is much more powerful compared to PIC as PIC need 4 cycle.

For this version I have new German friend Mr. John, he is the very helpful person and advise me a lot to complete this version. Thanks, John, nice to meet you

Main component

    • MMC/SD Media and support to both FAT16 and FAT32
    • Display on Graphic LCD (Mobile Nokia 3310 screen) it can display graphic picture
    • Decoder chip VS1001K or VS1011B
    • Operate with 3 volts battery, around over 8 Hr with continuous play time.


              Version 3 For This version, I study base on www.yampp.com for is developed to reuse the old CD-ROM,most of the low Speed CD-ROM like 8X, 16X might not be suit to the new and high performance computer, however it still function well enough. From this point, I decide to make this version to play the MP3 with these low speed CD-ROM

Main component:

    • AVR ATMEGA162 8 MHz
    • Media CD-R stored mp3 file > 150 Music
    • Display on Character LCD 16 * 2 Compatible Hitachi HD44780
    • Support file 2 type (Audio CD Compact disc) and (MPEG layer3 “MP3” format)
    • Chip decoder VS1001K and VS1011B
    • 8 Bottom key (Function, Stop/Play, FF, REW, Dir+, DIR-, Vol+, Vol-)
    • Support all type CD-ROM (Only CD-R)

              Version 4 idea is prompted after I success to retrieve data from CD-ROM media, now I try to recycle the old hard disk which has less capacity, I get it from the second hand computer shop. The price is very cheap. I have made some changes in version 3 firmware. During the work time, one question makes me wondering..

HDD can support FAT32, why can’t support with FAT16 or together? At the end, I get the answer, it is just because FAT16 can’t use with HDD capacity over 2 GB, For FAT32 support more capacity. I tested with 4.3G, 6.4G 10G, 20G. It works pretty good.

              For version 5, it is some changes of version 2. I make it to be more compact in PCB design and also the electronic component to SMD (Surface mouse Device).

To do for this version. change bug from version 2 and reduce size (ATM Plasstic card)

After go through so many MP3 versions. You can learn and download circuit and firmware for test, if you are interested to make one for your own. For me, definitely is not enough, I plan to have version 6 soon, it should USB MP3, if you are interest in it also, and just wait for me for update the new version.

If you need my help or need more information can not get here, contact me with email, as you are always welcome to do that.


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