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              This page describes about the tube amplifier that I done it quite long time ago. The first version is using the single end 6AQ5 0.5+0.5walt and Transistor preamplifier. Since the watt is too low, the base response is not so good, but is work for middle sound.











                 The second version is changed with putting the pre-amplifier 12AX7 and output to 6BQ5, or EL84 5+5 Walt. I like the sound for this version, however the power of output sound still not enough for me, I try to have the third version, it is using the single end EL34 or 6CA7 10 +10 Walt. Wow, the component is very high cost, my girl friend was keep on nagging the price when I brought it.


                    If you are interested in this project, can download the PCB file and more specification documents about output Transformer and make by yourself.



                    For tube amplifier now I have stop the study as it cost to high. Also it is very high temperature and heavy due to the big transformer and tube glass easily break. However, I do remember the sound with tube amplifier is very nice. Below it is the tube amplifier done by me.

                 Sorry Tube Ampilfiers, discontinous













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